Barback 3.1 has been submitted to the App Store! We’re super excited and hope you all enjoy it as well.

In general, 3.1 has a bunch of small but exciting features, like a nice dash of mole bitters.

  • Scrubbers for recipe and ingredient lists to make it easier to find the ingredients you want.

  • A couple performance and bug fixes.
  • Support for Quick Actions for you lucky iPhone 6S owners.

  • Preliminary support for iPad (and multitasking!)
  • Search for ingredients via emoji! (I'm a sucker for emoji.)

  • A bunch of more recipe metadata, specifically for sources and emoji (HINT: search by emoji.)
  • A dozen more recipes.
  • Probably another bug or two, if we're being honest.

The official recipe of Barback v3.1 is the Conference. (It's in the app, obviously -- I recommend going with Bulleit for the rye.)

Some stuff in the pipeline for 3.2:

  • Some improvements to the iPad app.
  • Better brand recommendation and integration, letting you buy our recommended brands online. 1
  • Better accessibility.
  • Inevitable bugfixes.
  • More great recipes, more helpful metadata.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any great recipes, feature suggestions, issues, etc. I love hearing from y'all! (And if you enjoy Barback, please rate it on the App Store -- it helps me devote more time to make it an even greater app.)

(Drink up!)

  1. A sidebar — do you order liquor or bitters online? Please reach out — I’d love to hear more about your perspective. 

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