Notes from the Bar is a weekly series cataloging the research, development, and use of Barback.

What I did this week

Oh man, this week rocked!

Fixed like every outstanding bug!

Got SSL working!

Got sync working!

Got peek/pop working!

So much stuff!

First, some videos:

My goal this week was to get 3.2 feature complete, and it is, so I’m happy. I also got SSL working on the server side, which is hard to justify from a “here’s a thing I shipped” standpoint but was still an interesting, frustrating exercise.

(I haven’t submitted 3.2 yet, mostly because I’m super nervous that the sync stuff is going to be really brittle and break everything. I’m giving myself an extra two days to test it a bit more in the wild, and will then send it off to review.)

Also, as expected, jumping from Django to Swift (and ST3 to XCode) made me very cranky:

And I stand by all of that, even though I secretly enjoy the raw mechanics of mobile app development.

Next week

The only specific thing I want to do is finish up some sanity testing for 3.2 before submitting it, which shouldn’t take too long.

Beyond that, just some generic refactoring on the iOS side — since time was against me for finishing up the features I wanted to add, I didn’t really do any clean-as-I-go refactoring, just made a pretty big list of things that can be cleaned up later on (basically: remove all the things from all the view controllers). There are some improvements to rendering markdown in the recipe information fields I’d like to make, too — it sucks that the web version looks doper than the native version right now — but I’m not looking to start planning 3.3 for another week or two so I’ll hold off on actual feature things.

On the Django side, the only thing I know I wanna do is speed up the actual API. Fetching results takes around ~six seconds right now and that’s all on the server: the database queries themselves are fast (well, fast enough — like ~300ms) so it might be something with the actual serialization?

Overall, it’ll probably be a low-key week. As long as I can ship a few improvements, submit 3.2, and get a good feature list for 3.3 I’ll be happy.

Et cetera

Went to Herb and Bitters Public House on Saturday, which was incredible — it instantly became one of my favorite in Seattle. Their big emphasis was on herbal aperitifs, as their name implies. A friend had a beet-infused highball which was insane. I stuck — as I tend to — to twists on whiskey bases, like a Manhattan except with punt e mes and blackberry liqueur, which was dope. My favorite drink, though, was the Night Runner — gin, rum, meletti, and coffee liqueur. It definitely inspired me to up my knowledge on aperitifs, so I’ll be updating the database over the next couple days (which you get to benefit from due to an actual sync mechanism, holllaaaa).

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