This week

To be honest, not too much actionable happened this week. (No fun pictures :( ). A bunch of tiny little tweaks on the SEO front for the web interface, and some refactoring for 3.2, but it was basically me getting 3.2 out of the door (which took like six more hours than expected) and adding some source metadata.

However, I did settle on a roadmap for 3.3! I haven’t decided on a release date yet (probably shooting for the end of March), but I did get a quick list of features:

  • Support for optional push notifications for new recipes.
  • Revamped information & direction views for recipes. It bums me out that this looks way better on the web than on native right now, just because it’s easier for me to tinker with CSS than with UILabels. So I’m going to invest a lot of time into making sure this experience is as dope for app users as possible.
  • Source pages. Like I said, I’ve been working on actually building up the recipe source data store, and am still figuring out an interesting and helpful method of surfacing that to y’all.

Next week

Just gonna focus on a couple things:

  • As aforementioned, the revamped information & direction views. No idea how I’m gonna approach this — it’s probably gonna end up being a pain, so I’m alloting a lot of time to it.
  • Finishing the source metadata.

On Parse

A big thing that happened this week was Parse announcing its sunsetting. People are quick to note that their sunset policy is super generous — they’re providing a year of continued service and open-sourcing pretty much eveerything, which is much more than they could have done.

A lot of people are using the shutdown to say This is why you shouldn’t risk depending on a BaaS, which I think is kinda dumb. Relying on a BaaS is a bet that your time is not best spent building out infrastructure; this is not a bet that is universally true or false, across a vertical or even across an app.

At one point, I didn’t think it was worth my time to build out infrastructure for Barback, so I didn’t; now I think it is, so I did. Even if all apps ultimately want to build out their own thing (which I think is the case), that doesn’t mean its important to do so immediately. The needs for v3 are not always worth worrying about before you ship out v1.

Personally, I’m happy that I made the decision to move away from using them, but I was happy independent of this news.

(The real victims of this, then, are consumers, not developers, who are stuck with apps that will suddenly stop working because the economics just aren’t there for a developer to migrate away from Parse.)

On releasing

Ughhhhh releasing is THE WORST.

I really want to invest some time into improving this, but I’m not even really sure how? I don’t think fastlane will substantively improve my pain points (though I may mess with it anyway) and setting up an actual build server feels like overkill if I’m only building a couple times a month tops.

And that’s just the developer-hours side of the equation. Dealing with a week-long REPL that is the App Review process is just such a huge barrier.

All of these things combined and it creates a huge mental block for actually saying “fuck it, let’s ship these updates”. My goal is to try and overcome this, with a combination of tooling and mentality, so hopefully I fare a little better as the year continues.

Et cetera

M was in town this week (and the first part of next week), so I didn’t have too much of a chance to actually mix on my own. Still, we went out plenty:

  • First to Zig Zag. I had a Faithful Companion, a wonderful rum coupe that I’m having trouble tracking down the recipe for.
  • Then back to Herb and Bitters, where I had a Bitter Scotsman. This was basically a showcase for Laphroaig, with luxardo bitters and honey to draw out the smokiness.

Both drinks were wonderful but I’m itching to tinker with something of my own. I’ll probably find a fun Luxardo cocktail for next week.

Also, went to Old Seattle Paperworks in Pike Place, by far my favorite shop in the city, where they have a bunch of vintage advertisements — including a section for booze. I resisted the urge to buy a half-dozen of them on the spot but am super tempted to start a tumblr or something to collect them because they all look dope as hell.

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