(Sorry about the late update this week! Was sick and busy this week, which meant any time that I wasn’t coughing up a lung I was working on some other projects. :( )

What I did last week

Not quite as much as I hoped, but I made good progress on a bunch of minor things for the web component:

  • Prettied up the ingredients list page a little bit.
  • Added support for logging errors to lack.
  • Shifted to using Buffer for tweets (this was a little more complicated than expected, mainly doing to some strange API choices on their end.) Interestingly, this has hurt engagement a little, but I think that has to do more with overall volume being lower.
  • Fixed some issues with static pages (the /about page was just straight up broken, for instance.)

Nothing big, but a lot of nice things that made me not feel frustrated with the state of the app. Plus, page views appear to be uptickinyg nicely, which is a good sign!

What I’m doing this week

Well, it’s already a fairly abridged week but I want to shift my attention to the app now so I can get a minor version w/ bug fixes out of the door (more about that later). Freelance stuff is still pretty busy so that’s taking away a lot of my Barback time, but I’m aiming to get the following things done, in order:

  • Non-aggressive sync logic
  • Fix minor layout bug when tapping the ingredients tab bar icon
  • Push out 3.2.2
  • Start working on Notes (!)

On release cadences

The latest Release Notes episode discussed the idea of a release cadence and how to make the decision to ship vs polish, which resonated with me a lot — I’m definitely guilty of letting things languish locally instead of just pushing things out (hell even right now I have like, half a dozen bug fixes ready to go out) and I think adopting a strict release cadence will help me out here.

So, new release cadence: major versions at the end of each month, minor versions at the end of each week (assuming bugs exist). This should also act as a forcing function for me getting rid of pain points with my deployment process, which is necessary at this point.

Et cetera

Made a whole bunch of cocktails this weekend with S:

  • The Lazy Bear, which was absolutely incredible. Sort of a layman’s tiki drink, but with a lot of depth.
  • Pisco Sour, which is a great twist on a Gin Fizz
  • City Honey Bee, which ended up being a little underwhelming — the vermouth kind of balanced everything out a bit too much, and it ended up tasting like a muted honey whiskey. I’d recommend tinkering with this one a little bit more.

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