Did you miss me? Because I missed you!

Apologies for the time away from the bar — my day job and my consulting work consumed a lot of my creative energy. Okay, all of my creative energy.

But I’m back!

It’s gonna take me some time to get back into the rhythm of writing and thinking about things on a weekly granularity, but its for the best — as, right now, I have a half dozen half-completed features that were started out of a desire for some feeling of productivity, but desparately need some large doses of design and consideration.

Here’s some stuff in the pipeline, in roughly descending release order:

  • Notes on recipes and ingredients.
  • A “Your Bar” section where you keep track of the ingredients you own and Barback tells you what drinks you can make.
  • A more social ‘favoriting’ thing.
  • Tags on recipes and ingredients.
  • A better web search experience.
  • Better iPad support.
  • Actual accounts, so you can persist your data across devices.

That’s actually the entire feature pipeline I have at this point. If I get from here to there, I’d be more than happy to wallow in the world of ‘bug fixes, polish and performance improvements’ for the foreseeable future.

(Lastly, here are some pictures, to prove I’m not crazy.)

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