Black sambuca


  • A liqueur
  • 42% ABV


A very sweet-yet-piquant Italian liqueur known for the ouzo effect. It's often served neat, on the rocks, or -- most iconically -- with a few coffee beans.

Nolan Dalla drowns the liqueur in praise:

Listen to me. Try this.

After a nice dinner, on the proper occasion, when the mood strikes — order a shot of Black Sambuca. Straight up. Ideally, there should be two coffee beans floating on the crest. Do not underestimate the power of those coffee beans. They kiss you in the face with each sip.

It must be served in a large snifter glass — the bigger the better. That means a large glass goblet containing no more than perhaps a quarter liquid. This goblet is what a Cadillac is to limousines, which the the ultimate delivery vehicle of comfort and contentment.

Next, Black Sambuca must be swirled. It must be savored. It must be worshipped. If you are in a rush, forget it. This liquor is for sipping, not gulping. Nectar of the gods. Like making love to a beautiful woman, the idea is to take one’s time.

You might be thinking:

What's the difference between white sambuca and black sambuca?

White sambuca is a much more sugary drink, with predominant tastes of anise and elderberries.

Black sambuca, on the other hand, is much more of a licorice vibe (it's also much stronger than its white counterpart.)