Averna Stout Flip

Heavy, quiet, and aromatic.


  • Served in rocks
  • 23% ABV
  • Garnish with nutmeg


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Amaro Averna 6.0cl 2.0oz
Beer stout x 3.0cl 1.0oz
Egg whole
Angostura bitters Two dashes
Use ounces
Use centiliters


  1. Pour the beer back and forth a couple times to remove carbonation.
  2. Dry shake all ingredients.
  3. Wet shake all ingredients.
  4. Strain.
  5. Garnish with fresh nutmeg.


This drink comes from Reddit User /u/stormstatic, who describes the drink as such:

Holy hell this was absolutely delicious. Kalamazoo is a great beer for this, I’d even consider upping it to 1.5 or 2 ounces next time. Had a latte-like mouthfeel with a sort of boozy Coke float taste. Definitely don’t skip the nutmeg if you have it available, it does wonders for the aroma along with the Ango.

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