Eagle's Dream


  • Served in coupe
  • 33% ABV


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Gin 4.5cl 1.5oz
Lemon juice 1.5cl 0.5oz
Crème de violette 1.5cl 0.5oz
Sugar Half teaspoon
Egg One egg white
Use ounces
Use centiliters


  1. Add all ingredients (no ice) to shaker.
  2. Dry shake.
  3. Remove spring and add ice to the mixing tin.
  4. Shake once again.
  5. Strain into a coupe.


Like drinking a cloud! This delicious gin cocktail is a frothy and light drink perfect for brunch. Robert Hess has a video that also demonstrates a great tip for adding thick froth to cocktails that use egg white and require a dry shake.

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