Who says tiki drinks can't have bourbon?


  • Served in goblet
  • 20% ABV
  • Garnish with Lime wedge


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Bourbon 4.5cl 1.5oz
Pineapple juice 1.5cl 0.5oz
Lemon juice 1.5cl 0.5oz
Orange juice 1.5cl 0.5oz
Grenadine One splash
Maraschino One splash
Angostura bitters One dash
Use ounces
Use centiliters


  1. Shake all ingredients over ice.
  2. Strain into a glass with ice.


This lovely twist on a tiki cocktail comes from Killing Time, who originally adapted the recipe from a bar with the enigmatic name of House Without A Key Lounge. They describe it as:

The overall character is a bit sour, but pleasantly so. The Angustora is detectable but more in the form of a slight edge, rather than bitterness. And bourbon this whiskey must be. The unique caramel sweetness you seem to only get from Kentucky is needed to give this drink its nice balance.

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