One of Mark Twain's favorites. Weird, but in a good way (just like him).


  • Served in coupe
  • 22% ABV
  • Garnish with Sausage wheel


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Rye 4.5cl 1.5oz
Lemon juice 2.25cl 0.75oz
Blackberry syrup 2.25cl 0.75oz
Tabasco Two dashes
Use ounces
Use centiliters


  1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass.
  2. Shake with ice and strain.
  3. Garnish with an andouille sausage wheel.


We picked up one excellent word — a word worth travelling to New Orleans to get; a nice limber, expressive, handy word — “lagniappe.” They pronounce it lanny-yap… It has a restricted meaning, but I think the people spread it out a little when they choose. It is the equivalent of the thirteenth roll in a “baker’s dozen.” It is something thrown in, gratis, for good measure. The custom originated in the Spanish quarter of the city. When a child or a servant buys something in a shop — or even the mayor or the governor, for aught I know — he finishes the operation by saying — “Give me something for lagniappe.” The shopman always responds; gives the child a bit of licorice-root, gives the servant a cheap cigar or a spool of thread, gives the governor — I don’t know what he gives the governor; support, likely. When you are invited to drink, and this does occur now and then in New Orleans — and you say, “What, again? — no, I’ve had enough;” the other party says, “But just this one time more — this is for lagniappe.” Mark Twain

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